Episode 15: Renee Wilkinson

This week we connected with the gorgeous goddess Renee Wilkinson - Kinesiologist, intuitive and meditation guide.

Renee came into our lives only a short while ago, but has had such a massive impact on us that we have brought her on board as our "third foot", now teaching a weekly meditation class for us, with much more to come in the future!

In this podcast, Renee speaks about how she first became engaged in energy work, from seeing and feeling things from a young age to then getting an education from her Mum's meditation teacher. 

Renee shares her story of how she became disconnected to this huge part of herself, receiving a huge wake up call in the process, to then coming back to her true self with more confidence and beliefs than ever before!

We get Renee to divulge some tips on how so we can all start bringing this intuitive sense into our daily lives and connect more deeply with our own energy, something to jot down and come back to again and again. 

Renee is insightful, engaging and authentic and we were truly honoured to have her on this podcast episode, as well as in our lives!

We know you will resonate with her story and the message that she conveys in this chat, and would love to hear your thoughts (email us: hello@twofeetyoga.com.au).

Listen to this episode with all of your presence, then go and follow her on Instagram (@thecheekyintuitive) and find out more about her and what she does on her website (reneewilkinson.org).
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