Episode 13: Empowering YOU

The guest this week is...US!

We wanted to sit down and chat about an article that went completely viral this week - "Bullshit, You Aren't Living" by Janne Robinson. 

(Here is the link: thoughtcatalog.com/janne-robinson/2017/01/bullshit-you-arent-living)

This article really resonated with us and we thought it would be fun to riff on it with you. 

Our intention is to inspire you to think about what you do day to day and ask yourself, "IS THIS SERVING ME?". As in, does this fill my cup/make me happy/fulfill my desires (not just my needs)?

We dive into all different angles, from numbing out (with TV/phones/social media), how to transition into being an entrepreneur, taking "little leaps" towards your goals and dreams, discovering not just your passion but also your play and so much more...

Excuse our little freakout towards the end as we thought our recording stopped (hence the silence).

As usual, we reference Jonathon Fields, who is literally the most inspiring person we know and someone who is truly living his purpose. The podcast episode we talked about you can find on iTunes under the "Good Life Project". Episode is titled "Are you happy, or afraid?".

Cindra also mentioned the epic Tim Ferriss, who you can find at fourhourworkweek.com/

We want you to know that whatever you are doing, you are AMAZING and we simply wanted to share our perspective of this broad-reaching topic with you...

If you need further help and support with your life direction and purpose, we highly recommend speaking to a mental health professional.

And if you are already LOVING your life, then props to you! Maybe you can share this with someone who needs it.

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