Episode 16: Marcus Pearce

This week we had the pleasure of catching up with Mr Marcus Pearce, podcast host (Your Exceptional Blueprint), podcast co-host (100 Not Out), creator of The Exceptional Life Blueprint program and CEO of The Wellness Couch.

Marcus is wise beyond his years (only 35!) and we have an amazing discussion about all things life purpose and living your best life.

He leads us through his life journey and what he has learnt about living his best life and how he shares these learnings with others.

Marcus believes in living with purpose and that "it's not what you do, it's how you do it" which we absolutely love and subscribe to. And tenacity is key, as we talk about!

This podcast will help you put things into perspective, maybe look at where your priorities and focus are at and how you can shift your behaviour to create your best life.

Marcus runs us through his program, the Exceptional Life Blueprint, with the eight facets to creating a quality lifestyle and legacy. If you jump onto his website  you can access his free training program to get you started.

Go and follow Marcus on social media (@marcusdpearce) and send him our love, he is a legend!

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