Episode 14: Emma & Carla Papas

Strap yourself in for the biggest burst of bubbly energy with this week's podcast guests Carla and Emma Papas (The Merrymaker Sisters).

In a macadamia shell (their words, love it), the girls help people live happier, healthier lives through healthy recipes, simple mindset switches and finding and following their bliss.

Carla and Emma took a huge dive into their business from their corporate jobs back in 2014, sharing wholefood recipes from their own personal journeys into living healthier lifestyles. 

The girls talk through the path they followed out of these jobs to where they are today - Bloggers, podcasters, cookbook authors, app creators

They are super inspirational and have a clear message, which we subscribe to as well - Find what you love and do it and don't be afraid to get a little uncomfortable to get where you want to be. 

We loved their take on self-talk, how they both experienced years of putting themselves down and wasted so much time "stuck in their heads", especially with negative eating patterns. 

So many women (including us) can relate to these struggles and how they have come out the other side through dedication to changing their mindsets and moving to a real food way of life.

Gratitude is something Carla and Emma come back to a lot during this podcast, if you want to bring more of this into your life, check out our guided gratitude meditation here: twofeetyoga.com.au/meditation/gratitude-meditation

Some of the great resources Carla and Emma mentioned include:

The Obstacle Is The Way - Ryan Holiday

The Miracle Morning - Hal Elrod

Marie Forleo

Definitely go and find the goodness that is The Merrymakers Sisters over at getmerry.com, listen to their #Get Merry podcast on iTunes and follow them on social media @themerrymakersisters

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