Episode 20: Two Feet Creative

This week we chat to none other than...EACH OTHER!

We thought it was high time we did another podcast with just the two of us to fill you all in on what has been happening in Two Feet land.

On this episode we delve into our huge mindset and energy shifts over the last month or so which have resulted in us launching another arm of Two Feet, Two Feet Creative.

It was interesting to discuss how we both hold ourselves back (limiting belief alert) from talking about what we do and really throwing ourselves out there. As you'll hear, having the beautiful Renee in our lives has really shaken things up, as well as our brand new mastermind group with the gorgeous BUF girls.

We are all about building community and empowering our tribe to thrive with everything that we do, and Two Feet Creative is no exception.

Once we made the decision to GO FOR IT the universe has supported us every step of the way...

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