Episode 21: Julie Michels

We were honoured this week to chat to holistic bookkeeper, energy healer and one of our beautiful TFY students, Julie Michels.

Julie took us on her intriguing and inspirational journey from experiencing her first spiritual moment at age sixteen, through to her awakening with depression and gut issues to where she is today, and what the future holds.

We were enlightened with Julie's approach to how she lives her life and her deep connection with herself that she has cultivated through meditation, yoga, healing modalities such as kinesiology and prioritising self care.

If you are unsure of what "listening to your gut" feels like or how to start being more intuitive, Julie gives some really simple and well articulated tips on this too!

Such an amazing, grounded soul to have on the show, we know Julie's energy will shine through to you and hopefully inspire you to make positive change in your life.

Follow Julie on Instagram for her love-fuelled posts and find her for holistic bookkeeping on Facebook or her website here.