Episode 18: Nathan Leigh Jones

We were so grateful to have the chance to sit down with the beautiful Nathan Leigh Jones on this episode, fellow podcast host (Pop Psych), psychology student, musician, voiceover artist and all around rad human.

NLJ goes deep with us about the evolution of himself, what he has learnt so far in his self-explorative journey and how he plans to share this knowledge and wisdom with the world.

This episode goes into detail about his "coming-out" story (or as he likes to put it, his actualisation) and how this sparked him to step into his true self. 

We know this is powerful stuff and we hope that it reaches others that may be on a similar path. If you feel like you need help or support around this, please see the Reach Out website for resources in your area (au.reachout.com/lgbtiq-support-services).

NLJ also shares the unique concept of his podcast (and potential app) Pop Psych, drawing aspects of popular music with popular psychology. So interesting and fun, go anc check it out here.

As he says on his website, Nathan's "ultimate goal is to use music, speech and thought to help others flourish in their lives". We love it.

Go and check him out here and tell him we send hugs!