Episode 23: Dr Dov Pine

Our special guest on this week's episode is Dr Dov Pine, Cat's chiropractor and all-round wise guy about all things mindful living and wellness.

It was fascinating to sit down with Dov and learn about his journey from growing up in Georgia, to studying and meeting his wife in Israel, to eventually relocating to here in Australia.

Dov takes a more holistic approach to his treatments, incorporating elements of NET (neuro emotional technique), ayurveda and applied kinesiology.

If you're wondering what the HECK all this means, don't worry, we asked Dov to breakdown these concepts for you and explain the intention and philosophy behind chiropractic care. 

We dive pretty deeply into energetic concepts in this chat as well..Actually, looking back it's probably one of our more serious and focused interviews yet!

Get ready to be educated! There's some really beautiful nuggets of wisdom and takeaways in here too.

If you are keen to experience the brilliance that is Dov, you can find him at Chiropractic Plus in Newcastle or on his website here.

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