Episode 24: Shaun Swadling

This week's guest has a SUPER unique story and we are grateful he was willing to share it with us.

Shaun Swadling is an elite trampoline gymnast, who happens to hail from our home town of Newcastle, and used to be one of Cat's gymnastics coaches (and is still a good friend). 

An incredible exploration into the world of an athlete at the top of their game, Shaun has a remarkable tale to tell, as well as a wealth of information to impart on us.

Without giving too much away, Shaun had to draw upon his sharp and focused mindset, along with a range of other tools and support networks, to make one of the biggest recoveries the sport has ever seen.

This chat WILL blow your mind and most certainly make you think twice about how you would react if you were ever in Shaun's shoes!

Inspiring, brave, honest and open-hearted, this is an episode you can't afford to miss.

Go and follow Shaun and cheer him on as he works toward the next Olympics!

You can find him on Facebook here and Instagram (@shaun_swadling), be sure to watch and share the video he mentions in the podcast too - we'll share it on our page too!

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