Episode 28: Crossfit Prolific

We get the scoop on all things fitness this week with special guest Rusty from Crossfit Prolific!

Rusty enlightens us on his journey, from full time employee to owning and operating his first gym here in Newcastle. He shares his story of how he found CrossFit after putting on weight working in hospitality, and what his first class was like. 

We love Rusty's approach to CrossFit, as a coach he is authentic, approachable and non-intimidating. We chat about the concept of building community, which we both hold highly within our businesses. He also addresses some of the myths of CrossFit, discusses the benefits for everyone (#liftshitbeawesome) and touches on elite training (for Cindra's curiosity!).

If you're in Newcastle, you can try two FREE classes at Crossfit Prolific, come train with us and make sure you follow Rusty on social media @crossfitprolific

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