Episode 30: Amy Love

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This week, we caught up with our fabulous friend, Amy Lovat (aka Dr Love).

Amy is a writer, proof-reader, blogger and all round great human being!

We first met Amy a few months ago when she interviewed us for her blog Cool People Cool Things, which appears in the monthly Newcastle Mirage magazine (we're in this month, make sure you pick up a free copy if you're in Newcastle, NSW). 

Straight away we vibed with Amy's beautiful nature, vibes and honesty. We were stoked to have her on the podcast and let her be the interviewee for a change.

In this episode, we chat about Amy's PhD journey, growing up as a writer, personal obstacles she is overcoming and a VERY exciting project she is working on, Secret Book Stuff.

Go and follow Amy to get all the latest on Secret Book Stuff, her novel and her awesomeness!

INSTA: @secretbookstuff @coolpeople__coolthings

WEB: coolpeoplecoolthings.com / secretbookstuff.com

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