10 days to clear your mind, strengthen your body and EMPOWER you from within.

Let's EMPOWER our lives.

Cat & Cindra are PASSIONATE about allowing YOU to feel safe and supported in your life.

Here's a little bit of info about the 10-day program.




A journaling practice can be done in a number of different ways. As a part of this program, each day you'll be prompted to journal about something to do with that day's theme (eg. gratitude). 

This type of practice can help you to monitor where you're at both physically and mentally. Often getting things out of your head and onto paper can help you to move through challenges and to help you to see more clearly some of the thought patterns that may (or may not) be holding you back.

Journaling is also a great way to remind ourselves of all of the WONDERFUL things in our lives.


Guided Audio Meditation

Taking just 5 minutes out of your day (or allowing this time at the start of your day) will bring immeasurable benefits.

You'll be able to slow your heart rate and breath which, in turn, allow your mind to become calmer and more focused.

Having a stressful day? Simply take a few minutes and turn it around. Remember, you have control of how you're feeling.

These daily audio meditations will be an amazing addition to your life and you'll definitely notice a difference with daily practice.


Guided Yoga Practice

Moving YOUR body daily is essential keep both it and your mind healthy.

This guided practice will help you to learn the yoga poses presented and will allow you to tailor your daily practice to suit you best.

All videos are able to be downloaded so that you can repeat the practices as many times as you like!


Know that you CAN make a change for the better.

You CAN beat stress.

You CAN move your body.

You CAN find stillness in a busy life.


Join the EMPOWERED community.

It's your first step to creating a happy healthy life.

A life YOU want to live.

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We've all felt the same way at some point.

"What will others think of me?"

"Everyone's looking at me"

"I don't have time"

"I'm not flexible enough"

Had yoga on your to do list for years?

It's time to be take control of YOUR life and be EMPOWERED.



We make yoga ACCESSIBLE and ACHIEVABLE for you, providing you with a foundational yoga program you can do in the comfort of your own home.

This easy to follow, no BS ten day program is just that. Each day, delivering a short video instructing you through a physical practice, a short audio guiding you through a meditation practice and a PDF providing you with a journaling topic.

Our intention with this program is to arm you with the knowledge, experience and confidence to continue practicing yoga, to build on your home practice and even be able to attend a public class without worrying about what you are doing!

You will feel SAFE and SUPPORTED along this journey with us, INSPIRED to make yoga a part of your everyday life and be more EMPOWERED to move, think and act mindfully.

Join the EMPOWERED community TODAY.

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