The Obsession Sessions: Estabar Newcastle Beach


What can we say about Estabar, Newcastle Beach?

Well, plenty!

As soon as you enter Estabar, directly opposite Newcastle Beach, someone will smile at you. It’s not because they have to, it’s because that’s the people they are. These are the people who make eye contact and don’t look away. People who want to connect with you and who make you feel welcome. They make an effort to learn your name and maybe even your coffee order.

But it’s more than that. For the past 12 years, owner Bec Bowie has put her heart and soul into making Estabar not just a café, but an experience. And maybe right now you’re thinking ‘how does getting my morning coffee become an experience?!’. Well, couple that sweet, sweet caffeine hit with a dose of fresh ocean air, the sound of waves, some soulful tunes, PLUS those smiles we mentioned earlier, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of your home and into another one. One that has just been waiting for you to step through its doors to welcome you into its warmth. And yes, they even have blankets for those cold winter months.

So, what about the food?

It’s delicious! The menu at Estabar is refined every few months because Bec is all about using fresh produce and more importantly, eating food that is in season. A little birdy tells us the latest menu is going to have some delicious new options and will be even more vego-friendly.

We usually head into Estabar a couple of times a week and every time the smiles, the coffee and the sweet vibes, have us feeling refreshed, warm and looking forward to our next visit.

So clearly, we love it, but don’t just take our word for it! Head in yourself and see what the fuss is about.


Where is it: 61 Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle. Directly across the road from the beach.